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Adoption Support with Dr Clair

Families formed through Adoption include hopes for a successful and loving, forever family. But sometimes family life doesn’t unfold the way we hope it will, even in the most loving of families. The challenges seem more intense or long lasting than we thought, or we end up facing difficulties we’re not sure how to overcome – difficulties bonding, difficulties in working out how to parent a traumatised child, having a child be resistant/rejecting of us and our parenting, our children struggling with issues we don’t know how to help them with (or we’ve tried and it hasn’t worked), escalating disagreements/conflict, and challenging  or risky behaviours. Adoptive parents can end up feeling isolated, helpless, hopeless, anxious, burnt out, and fearful for the future.

You don’t have to face this alone. Therapy can help by offering your family a safe space to explore what’s happening and figuring out how to move forward in a positive way. Oftentimes this starts with supporting you as parents first, before evolving into a dyadic process that leans into your attachment relationship with your child or children. Using her compassionate approach, Dr Clair will support you to explore and therapeutically respond to your own and your child’s emotions, triggers, beliefs and perspectives. Drawing upon evidence-based attachment-focused and trauma-informed therapy models, Dr Clair will facilitate an interactive process that moves your family towards attuned responsiveness, repair and reconnection. She will guide you to develop new understandings and new ways of interacting that leads your family towards increased safety, connection and security – with regained hope for the future.

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You can read testimonials from previous clients here – Dr Clair has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and parents to navigate through their difficulties and their distress, to heal, grow, and create loving lasting connected relationships.

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