Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy with Dr Clair

Warm, connected, and loving relationships are key to our wellbeing. However there are so many things that can disrupt our relationships and pull us into conflict and disconnection – work stress, differing blueprints/opinions, communication difficulties, different ways of managing emotions, financial struggles, different approaches to parenting, challenges adjusting to stages in the life cycle, are just a few. We can get stuck in escalating feelings of tension, frustration, unhappiness, resentment and hopelessness towards our partner.

Therapy can help by offering you both a safe space to explore what’s happening in your relationship. In the therapy room Dr Clair will support you to explore the issues without getting pulled back into the same arguments you have at home. Using her compassionate approach, Dr Clair will facilitate new understandings and new ways of interacting. Using an evidence-based couples therapy Dr Clair will guide you to decrease conflict, and increase safety, so that you can begin to process, repair and reconnect. This is the path towards greater relationship harmony and fulfilment.

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You can read testimonials from previous clients here – Dr Clair has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and parents to navigate through their difficulties and their distress, to heal, grow, and create loving lasting connected relationships.

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