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Family Therapy with Dr Clair

When we decide to have children, our hearts are full. But sometimes family life doesn’t unfold the way we imagine, even in the most loving of families. We end up facing difficulties we’re not sure how to overcome – difficulties bonding, difficulties agreeing on/working out how to parent, having a child be resistant/rejecting of us and our parenting, our children struggling with issues we don’t know how to help them with (or we’ve tried and it hasn’t worked), escalating disagreements/conflict, and challenging  or risky behaviours.

Sometimes our family difficulties are from our family of origin and continue into our adulthood – the relationship we continue to have with our own parents, or our siblings. These relationships are important and hence can still impact on us even as adults.

Therapy can help by offering your family a safe space to explore what’s happening. In the therapy room Dr Clair will support you to explore, talk about, hear, and process, the various perspectives from each family member. Using her compassionate approach, Dr Clair will guide this process to facilitate new understandings and new ways of interacting that leads your family towards healing and repair. Drawing upon evidence-based family therapy models, Dr Clair will support you to decrease conflict, and increase safety, so that you can begin to process, repair and reconnect – developing a shared understanding and narrative of your family’s journey. The goal is greater understanding, greater family communication and cohesion, increased psychological and emotional safety, and an increase in warm interactions – ones where we can trust in the other to respond to us with compassion and care.

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You can read testimonials from previous clients here – Dr Clair has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and parents to navigate through their difficulties and their distress, to heal, grow, and create loving lasting connected relationships.

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