Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy with Dr Clair

Sometimes we hit a road block in our life. This can be due to something triggering us, by life becoming stressful, by things feeling overwhelming, or by an unforeseen challenging event. This can result in: overwhelming feelings, difficulty coping/functioning, a harsh inner critic, low self-esteem/confidence, relationship difficulties, burnout in our career/business, or a range of physical symptoms.

Therapy can help by offering you a safe space to explore what’s happening, with a non-judgemental, compassionate therapist. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Clair also uses psychological theory to assess and understand your difficulties, as well as drawing upon evidence-based therapy models to help you in achieving relief from distress, greater understanding, strengthened ability to manage, and progress towards your specific goals.

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You can read testimonials from previous clients here – Dr Clair has helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and parents to navigate through their difficulties and their distress, to heal, grow, and create loving lasting connected relationships.

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